Tips for Successful Use of Contact Lenses

To reduce the risk of discomfort and infection:

  • Wash your hands and dry them thoroughly before touching your lenses or your eyes
  • Follow the lens care advice as given by your optician and the instructions with the solution
  • Discard solution and lenses by the expiry date given on the label.
  • Clean your lens case daily with your lens care solution, wipe out with a clean tissue and leave upside down on a fresh tissue.
  • Replace your lens case as recommended by your optician – usually monthly.
  • Replace the cap of the solution bottle when not in use.
  • Ensure the tip of the solution bottle doesn’t touch ANYTHING
  • Always use fresh solution
  • Only use solutions or drops intended  for use with contact lenses

To reduce the risk of transferring makeup to the lens surface, and as a bonus, you can see what you’re doing: 

  • Apply lenses before you put makeup on

To reduce the risk of displacing a lens and getting it stuck under the eyelid, and the chemical formulation of makeup remover can be damaging to the lens material: 

  • Remove lenses before you take makeup off

To reduce the risk of mixing them up:

  •  Handle the same lens first

Avoid letting ANY water come into contact with your lenses:

  • Because there are some serious, sight threatening bacteria which live in water. They cannot usually get a grip on a healthy eye, but a contact lens surface is a different matter!

Avoid wearing lenses in the presence of harmful or irritating vapours or fumes

  • Particles in the air can adhere to your lenses, causing discomfort and damage to both lenses and eyes

Keep your lenses for YOU

  • Sharing lenses puts you and others at risk of serious complications.

Schedule and attend regular appointments with your eyecare professional

  • This ensures your eyes are safe and well and that you can legally buy lenses.

Contact Lens Care - How to Guide


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Tips for Successful Use of Contact Lenses
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