Good Causes

Bausch + Lomb UK’s chosen charity is Fight For Sight as this charity matches our company values. The gift of sight is something we strive for in our business goals and therefore our philanthropic work lends itself to this area.

Fight for Sight is the UK’s largest charity funding pioneering eye research. Their vision is simple: they believe in a world everyone can see. They will achieve this by funding the best, life-changing research, becoming a voice for people affected by sight loss and providing people affected by sight loss with the information they need.

Donation Requests

Bausch + Lomb UK Limited is a subsidiary of Bausch Health. In 2017, Bausch Health established the Bausch Foundation, an independent charitable foundation which oversees and directs all of Bausch Health’s charitable giving globally. The Foundation supports initiatives aimed at disease prevention, improving patient outcomes, and lives, and education related to its core businesses.

Any donation requests made to Bausch + Lomb UK Ltd are referred to the Bausch Foundation. If you wish to make a charitable financial contribution request to the Bausch Foundation, please find more details here.


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Good Causes
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