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Biotrue ONEday for Astigmatism Extended Range Launch

We are delighted to announce an extension to the parameters of Biotrue® ONEday for Astigmatism, an innovative toric lens design with a bioinspired material which contains 78% water and delivers consistently clear vision throughout the day.1,2,3 The addition of the new cyl, -2.25, to the early access range that was launched in October 2017 is available to practitioners now.

Similar to Biotrue® ONEday and Biotrue® ONEday for Presbyopia, Biotrue® ONEday for Astigmatism utilises Surface Active Technology. This technology uses hydrophilic polyvinylpyrrilidone (PVP), a water loving molecule, and Poloxamer 407, a surface active macromer, to form a dehydration barrier that helps the lens maintain 98% of its moisture for up to 16 hours.4

Biotrue® ONEday for Astigmatism features an evolved prism free peri-ballast designed to support stability and fit and work with natural blink patterns. In a study of 123 patients, 98% of ECPs surveyed were satisfied with the speed of fitting of the lenses at dispensing.3 The advanced design also includes a thin tapered edge to limit lid interaction, orientation marks to help patients during application and spherical aberration control for low-light conditions.5,6

Biotrue® ONEday for Astigmatism contact lens is available from independent opticians.

 For more information visit Biotrue.co.uk

At Bausch + Lomb we are very proud of our innovative Biotrue® ONEday lens range, which uses naturally inspired technology developed with patients in mind. We are delighted that practitioners will now be able to fit a larger number of patients with Biotrue® ONEday for Astigmatism, providing these patients with consistently clear vision and comfort throughout the day.
Amy Rothwell, Bausch + Lomb Business Unit Head UK and Ireland, Vision Care


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3.    Results from a 7-investigator, multi-site study of Biotrue® ONEday for Astigmatism on 123 current non-daily disposable toric soft contact lens wearers. Lenses were worn on a daily wear basis for 1 week. Performance was rated using a 6-point agree/disagree scale and statistical analysis was performed to assess whether significantly more patients agreed than disagreed. #828:15-003. May 2016

4.    Twenty two subjects participated in a randomised, double-masked,contralateral eye study to evaluate water loss of Biotrue® ONEday, 1-Day Acuvue® Moist, 1 Day Acuvue® Trueye® and DAILIES® AquaComfort Plus® contact lenses, After 4 , 8, 12 and 16 hours of wear, lenses were removed and immediately weighted (wet weight). The lenses were then completely dried and re weighted (dry weight). The relative percentage water loss was then calculated for each lens from the wet and dry weights.

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Biotrue ONEday for Astigmatism Extended Range Launch
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