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Launch of New 28 Lens Zenlens™ DX Set

Bausch + Lomb, a leading global eye health company, announced it is advancing its range of specialist lenses with the launch of the New 28 Lens Zenlens™ Dx Set, which meets the growing demand for gas permeable lenses to correct vision problems associated with corneal irregularities.

Scleral lenses are an invaluable tool for the correction of vision issues which are characterised by corneal irregularities, such as keratoconus and keratoglobus, or following corneal transplant, traumatic injury and refractive surgery.

Now even more users have the opportunity to benefit from these life-changing lenses with the launch of the new Zenlens™ scleral lens. This new offering from the eye-care innovators at Bausch + Lomb provide lens diameters of 16mm and 17mm, prolate and oblate designs and a comprehensive 28-lens diagnostic set, which delivers a new level of  “out of the box” comfort and clarity across a wide range of corneal sizes.

To cater for particularly complex corneal issues, Zenlens™ also features ingenious SmartCurve™ technology which allows the modification of specific parameters to create a bespoke lens with superb fit and unparalleled wearability.

What sets the Zenlens™ apart is the ability to zero in on the parameter modifications you need to make, and once this adjustment is made, the SmartCurve™ automatically engages to ensure all other design attributes remain consistent.

Toric peripheral curves, customized centre thickness, flexure controlling profiles, and front toric Rxs can also be ordered if needed.

Scleral lenses are the fastest growing sector in specialty contact lens fitting and the launch of the Zenlens underscores Bausch + Lomb’s commitment to excellence and innovation in this important market. We are very proud to offer the widest range of specialty lenses available in the UK.
Amy Rothwell, Business Unit Head - Bausch + Lomb UK/I

Its acquisition by Bausch + Lomb, embeds this expertise in a 160-year heritage of eye care and visionary innovations, supported by educational programmes and outreach which ensures these life-changing technologies are made available to as many people as possible.

As part of Bausch + Lomb’s support for professional development, the Zenlens™ launch included an educational forum, supported by  Richard Smith, Bausch + Lomb Technical & Scientific Manager. The forum primarily focused on the issues around corneal irregularities and include a demonstration of the new 28 Lens Zenlens™ Dx Set.

Keratoconus Forum
It can be extremely challenging to provide comfortable corrective lenses for people with corneal irregularities. However, the range of options afforded by Zenlens, and the opportunities for bespoke adjustments which are made possible with SmartCurve™ technology, makes it much simpler to find a solution.
Richard Smith, Technical and Scientific Manager - Bausch + Lomb UK/I


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Launch of New 28 Lens Zenlens™ DX Set
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