24 Hour Dry Eye Kit

The Bausch + Lomb 24 Hour Dry Eye kit provides round-the-clock hydration for dry eyes.


The Bausch + Lomb 24 Hour Dry Eye kit provides round-the-clock hydration for dry eyes. 

Dry eyes can cause uncomfortable feelings of grittiness, eye heaviness and burning.^1^ This occurs when the surface of the eye becomes dehydrated, a problem that’s associated with use of computers and mobile phones, as well as ageing and the menopause.^1^

This holistic kit contains four products specifically designed to relieve dry eyes:

  • Therapearl® Eye-ssential Mask
  • Biotrue® Daily Eyelid Wipes
  • Artelac® Rebalance Eye Drops
  • Artelac® Nighttime Gel

Together, these supply everything that’s needed to keep your eyes comfortable and hydrated throughout the day and night.

To get the most from the kit, just follow these tips:

  1. Start your day with the Therapearl® Eye-ssential Mask. This can be used warm or cold – simply place over your eyes for 20 minutes, then massage your eyelids to help them secrete important, lubricating oils into your tear film
  2. Next, gently clean your eyelids and eyelashes with Biotrue® Daily Eyelid Wipes, using a separate wipe for each eye
  3. Keep your eyes hydrated throughout the day with Artelac® Rebalance Eye Drops, using them as often as you need to
  4. Before you go to sleep, gently squeeze a line of Artelac® Nighttime Gel into each eye to calm and relieve persistent dry eye symptoms

Features and Benefits

Contains everything you need to keep your eyes hydrated and comfortable, all day and night
Relieves eye grittiness, heaviness and burning
Includes eye mask, wipes, drops and gel
Can be used as often as necessary
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  1. NHS. (2016) Dry Eye Syndrome. Available at: [http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/dry-eye-syndrome/Pages/Introduction.aspx]


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24 Hour Dry Eye Kit
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