Artelac Rebalance provides long-lasting relief^1^ with clear vision for people with persistent dry eye symptoms. Its unique formulation helps replenish the tear film and includes nutrients found in healthy tears.^1^

Artelac Rebalance is designed for daytime use. It provides long lasting, sustained hydration and non-blurring vision^1^ for people with recurrent dry, tired and irritated eyes. 

It contains:

  • Hyaluronic acid (HA)^1^ - the hydrating agent found naturally in tears.^1^ HA remains viscous and in place when the eye is open and becomes more fluid during blinking, as happens with natural tears
  • Viscoelactor^1^ (PEG 8000) – strengthens the film of tears which protects the eye and, unlike other products, does so without blurring vision^1^
  • Vitamin B12^1^ – gives Artelac Rebalance its rose colour
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1. Vitadrop K5 Ophthalmic Solution Scientific profile. Bausch & Lomb Incorporated


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Artelac® Rebalance
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