Biotrue® Daily eyelid wipes

Biotrue Daily eyelid wipes are cleansing wipes for eyes.

Who is it for?
  • Suitable for all the family, from babies upwards


Biotrue Daily eyelid wipes are cleansing wipes for eyes. They will clean your eyelids and eyelashes safely, gently and effectively, without disrupting the delicate tear film that your eyes need to stay hydrated.

With regular use, Biotrue Daily eyelid wipes will help you to maintain good eyelid hygiene. They can be used as part of the treatment for blepharitis, and for cleaning discharge and crustiness caused by eye infections and allergies.

Suitable for the whole family, Biotrue Daily eyelid wipes are soothing and refreshing, and they are individually wrapped to ensure sterility. 

These unique wipes work in harmony with the delicate environment of your eyes and do not contain detergents or preservatives. This is important because detergents and preservatives can damage the surface of the eyes and disrupt the tear film^1^. The tear film is a thin, protective layer of tears and oils that stops your eyes getting dry. If it is damaged, it can make conditions like blepharitis and dry eyes worse. 

Maintains good eyelid hygiene
Can be used as part of the treatment for dry eyes, blepharitis, eye infections and allergies
Gently removes debris
Does not disrupt the tear film
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  1. Ocular preservatives: associated risks and newer options: Indu Pal Kaur, Shruti Lal, Cheena Rana, Shilpa Kakkar and Harinder Singh; Cutaneous and Ocular Toxicology, 2009; 28(3): 93–103. On file


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Biotrue® Daily eyelid wipes
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