Hard on bacteria. Soft on eyes.

Who is it for?
  • For all soft contact lens wearers, including silicone hydrogel

EasySept disinfects and stores all soft contact lenses, including silicone hydrogels. When used in combination with the catalytic disc EasySept works to disinfect soft contact lenses, removing micro-organisms. After six hours the neutralisation process is completed and the Hydrogen Peroxide solution is completely converted to a preservative free saline solution, and lenses are ready to use. EasySept system contains 3% Hydrogen Peroxide solution, lens case and catalytic disc.

Directions for use:



  • Do not apply Hydrogen Peroxide solution directly to your eyes
  • Use only the special lens case provided including the catalytic disc in combination Easysept
  • Do not wear lenses after soaking less than six (6) hours in Easysept. If unneutralised Easysept solution gets into your eyes, immediately remove your lenses and flush your eyes with either saline or running water
  • Do not rinse lenses in Easysept before inserting in eyes


Sterile and buffered 3% hydrogen peroxide solution with a phosphonic acid stabiliser, sodium chloride and phosphate buffers.

Features and Benefits

One Bottle System
Improves patient compliance
One Step Disinfection and Neutralisation
No risk of unneutralised peroxide getting into the eye
Removes protein^1^
Minimising risk of infections
Preservative free
Good for sensitive eyes
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1. FDA/ISO Stand Alone Procedure for Disinfecting Products of BL-3100-EZS05


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