PureVision2 HD for Astigmatism contact lenses are designed to reduce spherical aberration like no competitive toric lenses^1^.

They are the only silicone hydrogel contact lenses for astigmatism to control spherical aberration in both the sphere and cylinder meridians, across the entire power range. High Definition™ Optics reduce the appearance of blurriness, halos and glare and offer crisp, clear vision^2^.

PureVision2 HD for Astigmatism also incorporates Auto Align Design™, a unique stabilization system optimized to deliver consistently crisp, clear vision all day, every day with excellent stability^2^.

Plus, this monthly replacement lens offers design advances for outstanding comfort and breathability^3^.

PureVision2 HD for Astigmatism utilises ComfortMoist™ technology to improve lens and the overall lens wearing experience, from ease upon insertion to natural feel and comfort throughout the day^2^.

Comparative Data

Designed to reduce spherical aberration like no competitive toric lens^1^



Great First Time Fit

98% Eye Care Professionals agree that PureVision2 HD for Astigmatism fits right the first time^2^

Consistently Clear Vision

89% Eye Care Professionals agree that PureVision2 HD for Astigmatism delivers consistently clear vision at all the times^2^

Excellent Stability

97% Eye Care Professionals agree PureVision2 HD for Astigmatism contact lenses deliver excellent stability^2^



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1. Five (5) lenses each of PureVision® 2HD For Astigmatism, Biofinity Toric, Air Optix for Astigmatism, and ACUVUE Oasys for Astigmatism of powers -1.00D -0.75D x 180 and -5.00D -0.75D x 180 were measured on the SHS Inspect Ophthalmic Instrument from Optocraft GmbH over 6 mm aperture size. Lenses were immersed during measurement in a cuvette filled with buffered saline. The average values were offset by +0.15 μm of spherical aberration (population average: Thibos LN et al. J. Opt. Soc AMA 2002 19:2329-2348).

2. Results from a 20 investigator, multi-site , cross-over study of PureVision®2 HD for Astigmatism and PureVision® Toric lenses. A total of 292 subjects completed the study. After 7 days of wear for each lens, subjects completed a online survey regarding lens performance. Consumer rated performance attributes using a 6 point scale (1 = strongly disagree and 6 = strongly agree) and using a 5-point scale (excellent, very good, good, fair, poor). At the final visit, investigators rated the extent to which they agreed or disagreed with performance attributes also using a 6-point scale.

3.  Data on file. Bausch & Lomb Incorporated


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PureVision® 2HD Astigmatism
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