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Gas Permeable Multi-Purpose Solutions

Healthy contact lens wear and care means healthy eyes. Boston offers a complete line of gas permeable (GP) contact lens care products designed to meet your individual lens care needs and to keep your GP lenses clean and your eyes healthy.

Find the right multi-purpose solution for your GP contact lenses in a one or two bottle system.

Boston Advance System GP Lens Care
Boston Advance Cleaner

Boston Advance Cleaner removes dirt and debris from your lenses, leaving your lenses clean, clear and ready to be disinfected. Boston Advance Cleaner is visibly tinted and formulated for improved rinsing.

Boston Advance Comfort Formula Conditioning Solution

This is the second step for conditioning (wetting, soaking, disinfecting) of your lenses over night, and for wetting your lenses before and during wear. Its dual disinfecting system delivers excellent protection against harmful micro-organisms and includes a patented cushioning system to soothe your eyes. It is important to use this after cleaning your lenses with the Boston Advance Cleaner.

Boston Simplus Multi-Action Solution

Our one lens care solution for Gas Permeable contact lenses.

Boston Simplus Multi-Action Solution offers the ultimate in convenience. The one bottle daily lens care system that not only cleans, disinfects and conditions GP (gas permeable) contact lenses but also removes protein daily, with cleaning comparable to Boston Advance Comfort formula system.