By studying how the eye naturally works to clean, hydrate, and keep itself healthy, Bausch + Lomb developed a unique and innovative product to provide outstanding lens care.

Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution helps prevent the formation of irritating deposits on the lens surface and it kills harmful microorganisms on the lens^2^. 

Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution also ensures optimal eye health, by providing protein management, sustaining those which are beneficial^3^ and removing denatured proteins^2^.

​The science behind the product​

​Three active elements within Biotrue® Multi-purpose solution work together to provide disinfection efficacy

  • Dual-disinfection system^2^ - Optimal combination of PHMB and Polyquaternium-1 disinfectants 
  • pH equal to healthy tears (bio-inspired)^4^ - Enhances the performance of the dual disinfectants
  • Protein management system (bio-inspired)^3^ - Helps maintain the inherent antimicrobial activity of certain tear proteins

Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution features the same moisture-loving molecules found in eyes^5^

Biotrue hydrates contact lenses in a way that eyes stay hydrated – by utilizing the lubricant hyaluronan (HA), found in tears and the corneal epithelium. This helps stabilise tear film and reduces friction^5^.


Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution keeps tear proteins active^3^ – as they are naturally found in eyes

Biotrue MPS delivers bio-inspired protein management that helps maintain tear proteins – sustaining their beneficial activity while preventing them from denaturing.


Eyes continually create the perfect environment. That’s why Biotrue MPS is uniquely formulated to match the pH of healthy tears^4^ – maintaining the eye’s natural conditions.


Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution provides Unsurpassed Disinfection^2^

FDA and ISO Stand-Alone Testing: Biotrue provides exceptional disinfection efficacy against bacteria and fungi when compared to other lens care solutions.


Comparative Lens Study

Biotrue MPS is consistently preferred over other lens solutions and provides better end-of-day comfort.




Key Facts

Excellent Satisfaction Rating

ECP’s agree 99% of the time that they are satisfied with the overall visual quality of Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution^6^

Excellent Eye Health

ECPs agree 95% of the time that eyes appeared healthy^6^

Superb Cleaning Properties

ECPs agree 94% of the time that they are satisfied with overall lens cleanliness^6^

Clinical Expectations

ECPs agree 90% of the time that the clinical performance meets their expectations^6^

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1. Study 640. Results from a 20-investigator multi-site study

2. Results of in vitro study following FDA/ISO standalone procedure for disinfecting products modified with organic soil added to create a more rigorous test condition. Primary criteria for effective disinfection are defined as a reduction in the number of bacteria by a minimum of 3 logs (99.9%) and a reduction of mold and yeast by a minimum of 1 log (90%) within the recommended disinfection time. Competitive multi-purpose solutions tested included AMO COMPLETE Easy Rub, Alcon OPTI-FREE Express and Alcon OPTI-FREE RepleniSH.

3. Comparative evaluation of multi-purpose solutions in the stabilization of tear lysozyme Vicki L. Barniak∗, Susan E. Burke, Srini Venkatesh Bausch & Lomb Incorporated, 1400 North Goodman Street, Rochester, NY 14609, United States

4. A study was conducted to determine the comparative pH of different soft contact lens care disinfecting products in comparison to the pH range reported for healthy human tears. The pH range of tears from healthy human eyes is reported to be 7.3 to 7.7 and the mean pH of tears as measured via fluorophotometrics is 7.5 +/- 0.23. The pH of soft contact lens care products was determined to be in the range of 6.7 to 7.8, while Biotrue multi-purpose solution falls within the pH range for healthy human tears at a pH of 7.5, which is reported to be the mean for tears. Three separate lots of Biotrue, CIBA Clear Care, AMO COMPLETE Easy Rub, Alcon OPTI-FREE Express and Alcon OPTI- FREE RepleniSH were compared using a Fisher Scientific accumet excel XL25 pH meter. Five pH measurements for each solution were taken, averaged and evaluated in comparison to the pH range of healthy tears, as determined by Adler’s Physiology of the Eye, Clinical Application 7th edition.

5. Results of in vitro study performed to evaluate the rate of release of hyaluronan (HA) from both traditional hydrogel (Bausch + Lomb SofLens®38 contact lenses, SofLens For Astigmatism lenses, and Vistakon ACUVUE 2) and silicone hydrogel contact lenses (Bausch + Lomb PureVision® contact lenses, Vistakon ACUVUE Oasys, Vistakon ACUVUE Advance, CIBA O2OPTIX, CIBA Night & Day, and CooperVision Biofi nity) over a 20-hour time period. Lenses were placed in Bausch + Lomb standard lenses cases and soaked overnight in Biotrue prepared with HA tagged with fl uorescein. Hank’s balanced salt solution (HBSS) was dripped over the lenses at a rate that approximates tear fi lm secretion in the human eye as determined by Reddy I, et al. Ocular Therapeutics and Drug Delivery. Technomic Publishing Co. 1996; 174. The solution that rinsed off of the lenses was collected hourly over a 20-hour period and the fl uorescence intensity was detected. A standard curve was used to determine the concentration of fl uorescein-tagged HA present in each rinse solution. The extended presence of fl uorescein-tagged HA in the rinse solutions indicates the percent of HA retained on the lens surface. 

6.  A 15-investigator, multi-site clinical study was run in which a total of 291 subjects were enrolled. Eye care professionals rated the performance of Biotrue multi-purpose solution on a number of subjective measures. Subjective assessments were measured using a six-point Likert scale in which 1 = strongly disagree and 6=strongly agree. Results represent reported percentage


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Biotrue® Multi-Purpose Solution
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